Naval Force Training and Simulation

Live Simulation (NCMI)

Modern naval combats demand a high level of knowledge in all types of coastal and maritime warfare. NCMI is live training, which implements the different types of systems present on the vessels, allowing their realization to be inside the vessel with actual systems - OnBoard Training System (OBTS).

Weapon System Simulator (CRWT)

The CRWT is designed to achieve proficiency in weapon system operation on vessels. Consisting of a station for shooting training, a state-of-the-art projection system, and an instructor station, the simulator is configurable and allows training of various types of weaponry. The system can be boarded on a moving platform that simulates the environment of different types of vessels.

Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT)

The naval tactical simulator allows training in various types of missions, such as anti-surface warfare (ASuW), anti-submarinewarfare (ASW), anti–air warfare (AAW), asymmetric warfare(AW), littoral warfare(LW), electronic warfare(EW), among others. The NTT provides a realistic operational environment, for the purpose of improving tactical skills and assessing new doctrines.

Small, Medium and Large Vessel Simulator

The vessel simulator consists of a high-resolution projection system, simulation of the vessel sensors, as well as a faithful representation of the climatic conditions. It is the ideal solution for war-oriented refinement, as it is highly versatile and allows the simulation of various types of vessels in operating environments consistent with the reality of the force.

Naval Training Center (NTC)

Combining all training capabilities, AEL has the human resources and experience to design, execute and operate training centers for naval forces, aiming at full training of personnel, from able seamen to senior officers. The Training Center can be a Turn Key solution delivered to the Brazilian Navy or even in the form of service provision, where the Force is specifically responsible for its end-activity, in this case training for maintenance of national sovereignty.

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