Homeland Security Training and Simulation

Live Simulation

The Live Combat Training System (LCTS) is the ideal solution for tactical training of special forces. The LCTS provides a realistic, completely independent scenario, which enables efficient training in various environments and for various situations: kidnapping, VIP escort, operations at large events, among others.

Vehicle Simulator

The vehicle simulator consists of a high-resolution projection system, cabins of various vehicles (trucks, light vehicles) to improve steering technique. A variety of environments can be explored, such as pursuit, high-speed driving, driving in high-traffic and people-driven environments. The main purpose of the simulator is to reduce the number of accidents, as well as a higher mission success rate.

Firing Simulator

The firing simulator is the ideal solution for improvement of the technique of use of weapons for public security forces. The booth allows for improved response time, as well as increased shooting effectiveness. It allows for various types of weapons, and a range of environments to be stimulated.

HLS Simulator

The major events that take place nowadays require proper coordination between the organizations and public security agents, such as Fire Department, Civil and Military Police, intelligence agencies, emergency systems, such as SAMU, and civil defense. The HLS simulator is the optimal solution for the integrated training of these forces, allowing for better preparation and coordination, resulting in real operations with a higher rate of success.

Training Center

Combining all training capabilities, AEL has the human resources and experience to design, perform and operate training centers for public security forces. The training center aims at complete training of personnel, from the police to emergency systems to the commanders of joint operations. It may be a Turn Key solution delivered to public security agencies, or even as service provision, where the organization is concerned only with its end activity, in this case training aimed at the security of the population.

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